Thursday 9 May 2013

An Adventure for Every Monster - Demon, Type VI

What will happen to your party if you're successful in this adventure

(artwork from Craig J Spearing - check his stuff out here)

Frequency     Rare
No. appearing 1-3 or 1-6
Armour class  -2
Move  6”/15”
Hit Dice 8+8
Percentage in lair  20%    
Treasure type F
No. of attacks 1
Damage per attack 2-13    
Special attack  Whip and flame for 2-12/3-18/4-24 (damage dependent on size of demon)
Special defences +1 or better weapon to hit
Magic Resistance 75%
Intelligence High
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Size  L (12’ tall)
THAC0  12
XP value  3600 +12/hp


Cause Darkness, 10’ radius at will
Cause Fear
Detect Magic
Read Languages
Detect Invisible Objects
Dispel Magic
Telekinese 6000gp weight
Use Symbol of Fear, Discord, Sleep or Stunning
70% chance of gating in a Type III (80%) or IV (20%)

Legends tell of a mighty battle deep in the heart of a mountain fastness, in which a terrifying demon fought the last of the Grey Wizards. Enchantments, magicks and thaumaturgical power of awe-inspiring proportions were hurled between the adversaries and finally the demon was cast into an abyss and half the mountain brought down on top of it.

The Grey Wizard knew, however, that this would not kill the demon, merely trap it and that its evil would linger there unless he found some way of destroying it forever. He set off on a quest to locate the arcane knowledge that would enable him to do this but whether he succeeded or not is lost in the mists of legend. Even the existence of the demon is now doubted by those in the know; modernist revisions of the legend now hold that it is merely a metaphor for the struggle over the resources of precious metal that surely still exist deep within the mountain’s caves.

Needless to say, this is tosh. Of course the demon still exists and, like anybody who’s spent centuries with a mountain on top of him, he’s very, very angry. You would have thought that he would be angrier still that most of his hoard of treasure, unguarded since his fall, had been looted but this, strange to say, pleases him greatly. Why might this be so?

Simply put, the treasure had been in his possession for so long that he had started to imbue it with his essence; it had taken on part of his spirit and after many years under the rubble, he found that he could see shadowy images through that link. Practising concentration (because he really had nothing else to do down there) he was able to fine tune the connection and learn a lot about the people who had looted his hoard and where those items were now. He found that he was able to send images and suggestions into their dreams and he now uses this to lure adventurers to the place where he is interred so that, egged on by the promise of more loot, they will uncover him and set him free.

The party has acquired an item that once belonged to the hoard of the demon. They don’t know this but over the course of the next few weeks, one of them (or more if the item is held communally) will start to have dreams about a fabulous treasure hoard, buried in the depths of the mountains,  just waiting to be looted. Try as they might, the party will be unable to determine the source of the dreams but like a game of ‘hot or cold’, the dreams will become clearer and more vivid as they home in on the direction of the demon.

The demon takes a philosophical view of his centuries-long imprisonment; after all, it is inevitable that at some point, a determined band of adventurers will manage to find him and free him. He has some very interesting experiences in mind for them as a special reward for setting him free.

There is one slight problem with the demon’s plan, however;  in the centuries since he was imprisoned, there has developed in the mountains a cult that has been drawn there by the evil influence and now worships at a crudely constructed shrine very near where the demon is trapped. They are savage, cunning, inbred and fond of human sacrifice to their supposed deity (the demon gains no benefit from this, alas). They also know by heart the tunnels and caves surrounding their shrine and have set up simple but effective booby traps to guard it. This is going to make getting to the demon very difficult for anything but a determined and tough party.

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