Friday 23 April 2010

Art on Friday

Greetings, and firstly apologies for not having been more prolific this week with the posts. I have had some interesting ideas but I'm notoriously over-critical of my own stuff and I haven't been able to convince myself that they're blogworthy. Maybe next week.

Anyway, on to the business of the day. Art. Have I found any? Hoo-boy, you bet I have. Today's artist is a games illustrator and fellow Brit, Pete Amachree. He turns out some pretty cool stuff, much of which can certainly spark an idea or two in a DM's mind. I found quite often - back when I was a much younger Grognard - that the images on the covers of the old White Dwarfs (that's before issue 70 or so) would get my mind thinking 'How can I use that in a dungeon?'. I hope these pictures set off something similar.

Temple of the Medusa - now come on, who's just written the entire dungeon in their mind?

Who knows what lies beyond the Gate?

You want post-apocalyptic art? We've got that.

More post-apocalyptic here. What weird mutants lurk in the water?

It's bleak, it's icy, you bet it will do nicely, Giant Hall, Giant Hall...

If you go down to the woods today...

Clash of the Titans? Pah! Now this is epic...

Well, I'm just off to roll some dice for SNFC which, with any luck will be up tomorrow. Sunday may well see me getting some gaming in with Junior Grognard, off across the river again in search of treasure (it's about time they actually found some!)


  1. You show me stunning artwork every friday and boy do I enjoy it.
    I agree with the covers of old white dwarfs they are stunning.

    Keep posting and turn me into a roleplayer.


  2. Good find...I like his work. It's very "I gotta write an adventure for that" inspiring

  3. Cool art, thanks.

    I'm not sure there's any standard that an idea must reach to be blogworthy. Let the creativity flow, man. If you don't hit the mark you were hoping to one day (and, I can't speak for everybody else but I have those days) you got another shot. And another.

  4. Good stuff! Theres a few adventures worth in those!
    I'm sure the post apocalyptic one with boats is a book illustration on something I read once .....but I'm getting on a bit and cant remember what.

  5. Thanks for sharing the art. I especially like The gate with all the trash around it. For some reason the garbage piles were really evocative for me. It's probably what you'd really expect to see in that situation...

  6. I cower before your stunning powers of Google sir! Wonderful finds! More please!