Wednesday 20 January 2010

Friends and Food (edit)

Okay, everybody - three new arrivals, Timrod,Cinderella Man and Dungeonmum. I'm just rummaging in the cupboard to see what we can serve up for them and....

Oh, and by the way...those aren't just normal Doritos. They're Mountain Dew flavoured Doritos. Two RPG essentials for the price of one!

New Elesalia post coming later today, but I wanted to make sure my new followers get the standard Daddy Grognard welcome


  1. Glad to be here. Really enjoying your blog. I can't say that I've ever had Mountain Dew flavored chips, but it does seem to be efficient. Salute!

  2. Most honoured! thank you so much. This really is luxurious provender, I've just refilled our snack cupboard and there's nothing posher than sainsburys basics range (we get through about 5 bags of tortilla chips an hour). nom nom nom

  3. That's okay - I've developed a strange craving for Bassetts Jelly Babies.