Monday 4 January 2010

Man, those friends keep coming!

I've got a severe case of the humbles here, guys. My follower total is now up to 33, with the arrival of Lord Gwydion (who I've been following for a while - nice blog) Hans from Sweden (that's halfway to Jim Raggi's house from here) and Geordie, who is an avid wargamer. Yeah - takes me back, that does. Napoleon's Campaigns in Miniature, Bruce Quarrie, Charles Grant, WRG rules and debates on the rhomphaia. I seem to remember the yellow/mustard colour rulebook with the circle of hand-drawn warrior heads on the cover. Had a very early fantasy supplement right at the back.

Oops, there I go again - letting my inner wargamer out to play.

Anyway, weird things happen when you google your own blog name. I found a very kind mention by Jon McNally who said some nice things about the Training Dungeon. Thanks, Jon. Obviously, I can't keep up with everything on the blogosphere, so if anyone has been giving me some OSR love and I've not said anything, thanks anyway.

Ah, I'm getting the humbles again. Who am I that these wonderfully cool people are interested in me?

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