Sunday 19 September 2010

International Talk like a Pirate Day

Ahar, me hearties, tis September 19th, the day when all ye scurvy landlubbers can talk like we swashbuckling sea dogs!

So no more talk of gold pieces or longswords - tis pieces of eight and cutlasses today. I'll be drinkin' rum in Port Royal afore raising the Jolly Roger and settin' sail for a raid on a Spanish galleon or two.

Last one up the old sea dog gets a lick of the cat!



  1. Q: And where would I find the old sea dog?

    A: In bed with the captain, I should expect...

  2. Aye, tis' a damn shame that it had t' fall on a Sunday this year! You just don't see as many pirates on the Lord's day, gar.