Friday 26 March 2010

Art on Friday - Anders Finer

Today, I'll be recommending one of Norway's best fantasy artists - Anders Finer. If you've played Arkham Horror, you'll be familiar with this one:

This totally sums up Call of Cthulhu for me. Tentacles and guns - what's not to like?

However, Finer has also done other work for the Cthulhu opus which is somewhat more sombre and gloomy, epitomising what CoC players know only too well - pursuit of eldritch horrors leads to a horrible ending.

Finer has also done some cracking fantasy stuff - check out this zombie. Or skeleton - are you going to argue with him?

I particularly like this one, which screams out for a caption.

Do yourself a favour and check out his homepage - there's a link on the right-hand side of this blog.

Next week, I'll be bigging up another artist who has caught my eye.


  1. i love the one of the guy who just can't take it anymore. been there a couple of times in CoC!

    PS on your poll i went with the answer that a facebook quiz gave me, not what i think i am (which is different). it may interest you to know that misty lostwillows player came out as neutral evil!

  2. I tried the WotC one and came out as Neutral Good the first time. The second time, a few months later, I came out as Neutral. I think I'm getting more misanthropic in my old age.

    Here's the URL in case you want to give it a go.

    Mummy Grognard says the quizzes were the best thing about Facebook.

  3. I was CN on FB and came out as N on WoTC! so I've changed my vote. I must be growing up.

  4. That WoTC quiz is good as it really gets to the crux of what you believe. Most quizzes are easy to figure out just by reading the questions - so you end up(subconciously or maybe even consciously) giving insincere answers to get a cool result. I just can't believe everybody is CG or LG, that's just what they want to believe, or maybe that's just what I think because I'm a cynical N :P

    oh and Dungeondad came out as LG on FB, but I think he's LE and just worked the system.