Friday 29 October 2010

Fear on Friday - The Spirit of Dark and Lonely Water

This Public Information Film was broadcast in 1973, when I was a lad of eight. It was well-intentioned, warning kids of the dangers of swimming where we weren't supposed to - but it scared the living **** out of me and many others of my generation. The sight of the hooded figure sends a shiver through me even today.

So, if you've not seen it before, enjoy! And if you watched it when you were a kid and got traumatised like everyone else, prepare to shiver once more!


  1. I can see this being freeze-yr-blood scary. The fact you never see them again once they fall in is particularly effective.

    And Happy First Post-Anniversary Post!!!

    ps: Geez, yr old!

  2. Donald Pleasance, he could make the Bob the Builder song sound scary!

  3. That's not all you'll find in Dark and Lonely Waters:

    Dr Who Dalek found in pond

  4. @Dave Morris - yes, I can imagine DP doing a version. Part of it would probably go

    "Pilchard and Bird
    Travis and Spud
    Playing together
    And drinking blood"

    @Jaerdaph - must've fallen through a rift in time (well, that's the excuse they give on the show whenever they want to bring them back)

  5. This is peculiarly relevant to a particular campaign's scenario, is it not? I'm glad I was too young for this one (ha!)

    another verse, if I may

    'Scoop, Muck and Dizzy
    and Rolly too
    Lofty and Wendy
    Join the crew
    Bob and the gang
    have so much fun
    working together
    and praising Old Ones'