Wednesday 19 October 2011

You know you're a gaming family when...

You find yourself aruging with your spouse over which are better....

Otherworld or Reaper

"Otherworld are more faithful to the Monster Manual..."

"Yes, but Reaper have the better player character minis..."


  1. This reminds me why I love my wife: after each game session she always ask me "Did you kill somebody? How?".

  2. No. Reaper have unrealistic weapon sizes, breast sizes and ridiculous costumes.



  3. I just checked out Red Box Games minis, they are quite nice, although the selection is quite limited; you'll probably catch more flys with honey than vinegar though Biopunk. I hate unrealistic miniatures as much as the next guy, but calling Reaper's stuff crap when clearly it's well loved isn't going to win Red Box any points.

  4. Especially when the primary sculptor for Red Box has done quite a few miniatures for Reaper.

    Tre Manner is a great sculptor. Everything you just slammed Reaper for is present in the Red Box line as well.

    Reaper caters to a broad spectrum of the miniatures community and has gone to great lengths to make sure their line contains miniatures that appeal to many styles. You have newer more "heroic" or "extreme" figure designs right next to more classic "Partha-eqsue" designs.



  5. @Jagatai: I'll make no apologies for having aesthetics, nor in stating them.

    My opinion isn't based on some popularity contest.

    Appealing to some company's populism isn't going to change the fact they make unrealistic sculptures and lack of a standard scale for their product line.

    Neither is my preferred mode in expressing my distaste for said product and company.

    @Eli: While Tre Manor does freelance for Reaper and other companies, he has to fulfill their design specifications for production.

    Red Box has more cohesion because it is his own company using his own sculpts.

    This is why I can recommend Red Box over Reaper.

    It has quality control.

    And aside from the rather large HelsVakt berserker line and a couple other figures, I think you'll find very little in the way of aberrant weapon/body sizing.