Thursday 26 January 2012

If your name's not on the list...

Just a quick apology to the 16 blogs that I have recently started to follow but which are not appearing on my blogroll. For some unknown reason (it may have something to do with the new comments system, or it may be connected with the new Terms and Conditions) Blogger will not let me update my blogroll - I can add you but it refuses to save the additions.

Just as soon as I can, I'll ensure that you appear there.

Does anyone know when this might be?


  1. I'm having the exact same problem.

  2. same here. But I am not worried about it yet, these things tend to get righted sooner or later.

  3. Try adding them under the dashboard option instead of on the page itself. I had similar problems, but going through the dashboard seems to work.

  4. This has happened to me before. It fixed itself after a few days.

    (Also, commenting has stopped working... just now. I sometimes need to sign out, then sign in again before comment posing works. Google really needs to give long neglected Blogger some TLC.)

  5. Hello, I have seen that you added my blog to your blog roll (I have just added yours to mine too).

    I think that this entry could be interesting for you:

    If you find it interesting for you and your readers do not hesitate to tell your friends about it or write a post about it with a link pointing to it.

    Thank you for attention.

  6. I'm having the same problem and I don't think that if I add a blog on my Dashboard that it automatically transfers across to my blog, as I have some blogs on the former that are not on the latter.

  7. I think (and I stress, it's experimental at present) it can be done by signing in, going to Dashboard, then clicking View Blog from there, then when the blog comes up, clicking on the little screwdriver and spanner icon and using that pop-up screen.

    Put it like this, I'm trying it now and it seems to work.

  8. Yeah, that screwdriver gives you good options so that's what I've been doing with my relatively new blog. One option is to just add your Blogs I'm Following list from your Blogger profile, one lets you add the blogs by URL manually, and you can also sort alphabetically or have them show up by most recent post. I add the URLs manually because I try to keep the blogs I list relevant to the subject matter of my blog (the ICONS Superpowered Roleplaying game) rather than overwhelm the visitor with the blogs I follow that aren't, but I do occasionally add blogs to my list that I find are truly exceptional that everyone should know about (like Daddy Grognard :)