Friday 16 December 2011

Simply Irreplaceable

On waking this morning, I heard on the radio the news that I had been expecting but hoped would not come. The death of Christopher Hitchens is a blow to all those who valued his championing of rationalism, cherished his contrarian and independent outlook and expanded their vocabulary as a result of reading what he had written.

This link is to the archive of articles that he wrote for Vanity Fair, and this links to his articles for Slate.

Whilst you may not agree with everything he wrote, or every view he held (so no ad hominems in the comments, please), what is incontrovertible is that he was a journalist the like of which we shall probably not see again. His writing stands as a memorial to a man who polarised and shaped opinion, in my mind at least for the better.

EDIT: there is now an online petition to have a statue of Hitch erected in London (and one in DC as well). The site is here.

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