Wednesday 30 May 2012

Fear of Leprechauns

In a recent Team Adventure session, Alurax ran into a leprechaun in a forest encounter; the little fellow delighted in using his invisibility and shape changing ability to deprive Alurax of his beloved trident and generally wind him up until he was extremely agitated.

Now all I have to do is whistle a jaunty jig and put on a cod 'Oirish' accent and poor old Junior Grognard reacts like Pavlov's dog when the bell was rung.

I was wondering if anybody else has acquired an irrational reaction to an otherwise anodyne monster following a bad experience? 


  1. A superstition has developed in my Carcosa games: A random encounter with a dinosaur (particularly a herbivore) spells doom. It has rang pretty true so far, but then again Carcosa is a pretty brutal place.

  2. As a result of a couple of unrelated scenarios -- one that wasn't even run by me -- my players are now suspicious of any children they encounter in a game, thinking that either the children will attempt to kill them or that somehow the solution to the adventure's central mystery will require them to kill the children.

  3. It's ok, he can explain it all to a psychiatrist when he's 35.