Monday 10 May 2010

Miniatures Monday - Under the Sea

Crawling out of the sea this week comes what I'm assuming is Citadel's take on the Sahuagin. It's a nice figure (there are more in the box but I'm using this as a representative sample). Andy has gone for the light green base with a darker turquoise wash to give the hint of deep mysteries of the sea for this chap. The eyes are a deep black and you will notice that there is a tiny (and it really must be tiny, given that it's hardly visible on a 25mm figure) spot of white to represent the glint of light on the shiny surface of the eye.

I'm not sure what the thing is that he's carrying - a weapon of some sort, I would assume. The floor is again painted in a dungeon stone style.

I've not done that many (okay, I've not done any at all) underwater adventures. I had a cracker of an idea once but it foundered (if you'll excuse the pun) on the rock of lack of players. Now that I'm designing modules, I might well trot it out for the world to judge. Sahuagin tend to put in an appearance in our world, rather than the adventurers having to voyage into the depths, complete with water breathing apparatus, etc, and whilst any appearance of these scaly fish-men is good to see, I can't help thinking that the party would have it easy against them. Let them meet the sahuagin on their home ground and it might be a different story.

But, above water or under water, there's only one thing to do with these denizens of the deep...

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