Thursday 24 March 2011

Merry Pranksters

This mysterious body of anonymous persons is believed to be connected to one of (if not all of) the various Gods of Mischief and organise to carry out practical jokes targeted at parties of PCs, striking when they least expect it. In this (very) occasional series, I'll be detailing their antics, which sadistic (or just mischevious) DMs might wish to borrow.

1) Mystery Mage

Across the city, the Merry Pranksters have been busy putting up posters with the following legend:


Mystery Mage will be in the city tomorrow.

To win a fabulous prize, simply go up to him and say "You are Mystery Mage and I claim my 1000gp reward!"

Mystery Mage will also be asking lucky winners a question - if you can answer it correctly, your prize will increase to 10,000gp

And in the centre of the poster is a very good likeness of the party's Magic User. It's up to the DM to decide whether the party find one of these posters before or after the fun starts.

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