Saturday 9 January 2010


Due to pressure of work, I've not had the chance to do the number-crunching and such like for Saturday Night Fight Club. Rather than post something half-baked, I'd rather it took a week off and came back bright and bouncy next Saturday.

I know that some of you do look forward to it, so again, apologies for its absence.


  1. No need to apologize. The "work thing," can get in the way of a lot of things. The SNFC is a great series and worth the wait!

  2. Do you already know the fight card for next Saturday?

  3. Hey, you guys are great. Thanks for the messages. And Carl, inspired by the wintry weather the UK has been having...

    Frost Giant v Remorhaz!

  4. Frost Giant v Remorhaz! Excellent!

  5. I certainly hope so. And I hope to pit our good friend the Manticore against somebody soon - any suggestions gratefully received.

    Rich suggested chimera vs. orcs to see how many would be needed to take one down but the damn thing's got three armour classes - how the ******* do you work that one out?

    (again, all suggestions....ah, you know the drill)

  6. While I too, look forward to these posts, I also enjoy how well thought out they are and would rather wait for you to be in top form when posting them.