Monday 30 November 2009

Harryhausen Cyclops Mini - for Carter; and a warm welcome to Chris Creel!

If you haven't been following Carter's Cartopia, then you won't know what this is all about but he's been putting some neat stuff on his blog that inspired me to become a member of the Order of the D30.

Anyway, the other day he published stats inspired by the Harryhausen cyclops from The Seventh Voyage of Sinbad. I knew that I had the mini somewhere in my box of figures that Junior Grognard has inherited from his uncle Andy (my figure painter from 25 years ago). And here it is!

I'm sure that there are newer versions of this figure around but there it is, 25 years old if a day.

And to Chris Creel - welcome! Glad that my humble blog has caught your interest. Generally, I try to sample a different ale each week and publicise it. My favourite of recent weeks has to be Maplemoon by the Joseph Holt Brewery in Manchester. Might be a bit tricky for anyone in the US to get hold of, though.


  1. Thanks for the welcome! I'll be posting my latest beer find right away. I certainly owe the UK a big thanks for the tradition of the public house as I prefer flavorful beers in contrast to the beers in the traditional US macrobrewery style.

  2. Aren't they remaking COTT? As soon as I can find enough players willing to roll up halflings, I'll order that copy of Grinding Gear. Maybe if I institute a "all halflings get to start with a Misc. Magic Item" rule... :)

  3. James - yes I believe they are. Starring Liam Neeson as Zeus and featuring an appearance by Gemma Arterton, recently seen in Quantum of Solace and soon to be appearing in Prince of Persia as well.

    Chris - looking forward to seeing that beer. The recent resurgence of interest in flavourful and character beers in the UK is to be welcomed and supported, because for a while back in the 80s, it looked as if we were following the US down the road of the macrobrewery.

  4. Brilliant Cyclops - they really dont make them like that anymore!! B-)