Sunday 15 November 2009

Our first Paladin!

Open the gates! Lower the drawbridge! Bring out the best wine! A Paladin in Citadel has joined the followers of Daddy Grognard!

Welcome, my friend. I hope that you'll find this corner of the blogosphere to your liking. I have plenty of (hopefully) interesting stuff lined up and have reciprocated your kind gesture by becoming one of your followers in return.

All the best to you and may your +5 Holy Avenger never miss!


  1. Thanks for the warm welcome. The irony is that I have never played a Paladin. Now, which end of this holy avenger do I stick things with...

  2. Wow, that is TOO good! I of course naturally assumed that APiC had played tons of paladins. As an ex-paladin myself, who was apeshit over the class as a youth but who more or less despises them now as a jaded older player, I am overjoyed to hear that Paladin is not a paladin fanatic!

  3. It's not surprising that Paladin has never played a paladin, considering the odds against rolling one.

    I'm not too good at statistics, so forgive my rusty maths/math, here goes

    Str 12
    Int 9
    Wisd 13
    Dex No requirement
    Con 9
    Cha 17

    Okay, so as far as percentages go, that's

    39% x 56% x 33% x 89% x 56% x 11% =

    0.395% chance of rolling a paladin.

    That's straight 3d6. The odds will of course be different for the 4d6, keep the 3 best method. But I'm not numerate enough to work that one out.

    Any takers? Feel free to kick my innumerate ass as long as you can give the right answer as well.