Tuesday 10 November 2009

Rust Monsters and Mind Flayers

Greetings and a hearty Yorkshire welcome to you, Christopher B. Dig your avatar - mind flayers are almost a good reason to use psionics in D&D but really, no reason is good enough to use psionics. Still, just reading about ceremorphosis makes me think "Yup, there's a dungeon in that somewhere. Almost as gruesome as the method I could imagine the Meenlocks using to convert humans" (and I'll be blogging on that one later, when the kids have gone to bed).

One of our DMs back in the day had a brother whose hair was a very vivid orange, and needless to say he got nicknamed either Duracell (the one with the copper-coloured top) or the Rust Monster. So, in the spirit of fond nostalgia on which this blog is based, Chris, I welcome you. I hope that my little corner of the blogosphere is somewhere that you will pop by from time to time.

Oh, and neat caption by the way!


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