Monday 2 November 2009

The Magnificent Seven

Previously, I discussed the philosophy of the training dungeon. Having written it up and with a very excited 6.5 year old waiting, it was time to get a party together. I thought we would need a cleric, a couple of fighters, a thief, a magic-user and of course my son's character. He'd rolled up a pretty good set of stats, (S 17 I 16 W 13 D 13 C 12 Ch 9) and rather than just make him a fighter, I thought that he could use the high intelligence and make him a F/Mu. Of course, the logical choice after that was to make him an elf, since the character level limits are better for elves than half-elves (check in the PHB if you don't believe me).

The rest of the characters were rolled up on the Dragonsfoot 1e Character generation system and here they are, in all their glory.

The cast (all 1st level)

Zhastar Kutulnar, halfling cleric. HP 2, AC6 - I reckon he'll be the first to go. 3 1st level cleric spells to be chosen at the start of the session.

Hruthnor Notchblade, dwarven fighter - HP9, AC5. 2 hand-axes, 1 battle axe, light crossbow. The tank of the party.

Elise - half-elf cleric/magic-user. AC5, HP 4, lucerne hammer and staff. M/U spells read magic, enlarge, affect normal fires, detect magic (handy but not as handy as....)

Alia - human MU, HP 2, AC10. 2 daggers, five darts, one staff.
Spells Sleep, read magic, hold portal, unseen servant (see, very handy - I rolled them up from the DMG, no fudging)

Alurax - elf F/Mu. AC6, HP4. My son's character. Short sword, short bow, dagger. As an elf, he gets +1 to hit and damage with both bow and sword. His spells are Feather Fall, Affect Normal fires, Charm Person, Read Magic

Lannius Light-finger, elf thief. HP 5, AC 2 (yes, that's right. Studded leather and shield, dex 18 gives him -4 defensive adjustment). Short sword, dagger, bow.

Akurath Bladestrong - dwarf fighter. AC 5, HP 10. Tank 2 - the word meatshield never even entered my head. Longsword, battle axe, lucern hammer. Use him till he's dead, then throw him at the enemy for 1-6 damage.

I might use one or other of the characters to perhaps channel sage advice, if needed, but it's up to my son to decide if he wants to take it.

And so let the mayhem begin... place your bets on how long before the Training Dungeon claims its first TPK.


  1. *mutter mutter*....Seven and a half (counting the hobbit!).........sulked the Hooded Half Orc Hero.......B-)

  2. Spoilers!

    He hasn't turned up yet. This is the introduction.


    I like the way this typeface makes it look as if our smilies are wearing horn-rimmed spectacles.

  3. Funnily enough my boss asked me what the "B smiley" meant - I had to explain it was the sort of bespectacled gentlemen do!.....B-)