Friday 6 November 2009

My Heptad

Wow! Seven followers! The latest is Al from Beyond the Black Gate.

Welcome, Al - I enjoy reading your blog immensely and find so many of the postings both illuminating, erudite and very useful. Too many to list in full, but ones that I have bookmarked...

The 100 Book Titles.
Healing in a Low-Magic Campaign (I passed this on to my good buddy Old 4 Eyes, who found it very interesting).
Flagship Adventure for the OSR.
Skeletons in the Closet - each a grain from which a pearl of a backstory can grow.
Mapping the Megadungeon.
Megadungeon Design and Philosophy (I'm starting work on mine, Monastery of Doom, and this has saved me so much time and effort).

Keep 'em coming - I don't know where all this creativity comes from, but thank goodness it comes!

As an aside, check out James' latest post at Underdark Gazette - he's done something very handy for non-combat dungeon encounters.

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