Tuesday 15 December 2009

Seventy-three hooks

Okay, here's an early Christmas present. Regular readers will remember that some while ago, I did a post in which I listed geographical and evocative names that might be put into hexes as hooks, suggestions for what might be there if the party ever arrives and starts wandering round. Some people seemed to like them. As a man who never knows when to stop B-) I now offer seventy-three more, for your delectation and delight. Some are fairly obvious, some rather more enigmatic. Take them, use them, make of them what you will.

1. Boarspine Ridge
2. Grave of Giants
3. Lightning Peak
4. Sapphire Falls
5. Copperhead Canyon
6. The Seven Fists
7. Stonefall Vale
8. Hill of Lost Gods
9. Bearskin Forest
10. The Fiery Brothers
11. Demon’s Cauldron
12. Bloodqueen’s Bower
13. Thunderfist Top
14. Deathspawn Marshes
15. Devil’s Pathway
16. The Gargoyle Gate
17. The Weeping Skulls
18. Wyvern Ridge
19. Treeclaw Dell
20. Soulstone Gate
21. Shadowrift
22. The Hunting Forest
23. Doomsmouth Trench
24. Stalking Glen
25. Boulder Run
26. Tumblestone Heights
27. Bog of Dead Ships
28. Razorfish River
29. Stonesnake Valley
30. Sureshot Peak
31. Spearshaft Barrows
32. Slaughterer’s Bend
33. Tunnels of Gloom
34. The Men who Walk No More
35. The Skin Taker
36. The North Wall
37. Crackstone Ring
38. Emerald Tower
39. Red Sword’s Rest
40. The Wall of the Damned
41. Forest of Screaming Souls
42. Lion’s Leap
43. Longbone Valley
44. Greenscale Forest
45. Hill of Walking Bones
46. Nightmare’s Nest
47. Scorpion Pass
48. Ghostsnake Gorge
49. Mournfields
50. The Bull Gate
51. Winterdeath’s Palace
52. Hellcat Hall
53. The Blood Cascades
54. Soulblaze Hill
55. Nightblood’s Fastness
56. Circle of Teeth
57. Batwing Butte
58. Valley of Venomous Rain
59. Ten Dead Daughters
60. Goldencliff Fortress
61. Blacksoul Temple
62. Waterdeath Falls
63. Forest of Razors
64. Talonwood
65. Bloodhammer Chasm
66. Manhunter Mountain
67. Banshee’s Haunt
68. Fangmarsh
69. Jackal’s Ridge
70. Flaywind Heath
71. The Howling Heads
72. Silverbones’ Ruins
73. Hackblade Hollow

If anyone does manage to make something out of them, let me know. Always interested in what folks do with my stuff.

Comign soon - campaign history. Dates and Kings and things.


  1. Nice! I'm looking for the earlier post now.

  2. I've linked to the earlier one now - should have done it before, sorry. Hope you found it - if not, just follow the link.