Wednesday 24 March 2010

Bring back Chgowiz

If Chgowiz has ever helped you, given you inspiration or guidance, commented favourably on something you posted, or just made you feel "This guy is okay and I like having him around" then get over to Gothridge Manor and sign Tim's petition.

C'mon - don't let this nastiness deprive us of a truly inspirational blogger.


  1. He's done all of the above for me!

  2. If this is a petition, then consider my name signed here!

  3. Hmmm...

    I'm really not looking to get into an argument about this, but if the guy is done, then I say let him be done.

    I've got no problem with the man, and I did like reading his blog and so forth, but I can remember several times reading comments in his blogs about "nearly giving up blogging" (I think there was one just a few weeks ago when his players and he got into some sort of drama over a stressful gaming session) or some similar statement. Sadly, I think this was inevitable.

    From what he's mentioned on his blog, Real Life has been pretty rough on him the last year or two and if he thinks that stepping away from blogging and the TARGA drama is the best solution for him, that's fine by me. If Chgowiz started up another blog, I'd read it, but if he's given it up, I'm not going to ask him to re-consider his decision.

    Again, I'm not trying to pee in anyone's pool, but that's my take on the matter.

  4. @Mercer - I know you're agreeing with my sentiments; it's just that the order of comments makes it look like you're seconding Badelaire.

    @Badelaire - I totally follow what you're saying. I'm not trying to strongarm Chgowiz into coming back if he truly doesn't want to. However, if he was feeling beleagured because of Pornogate, I think that it's a good idea that we show him how much his blog meant to us. Note that no-one has actually said that he has to come back RIGHT NOW, but at a time that's okay for him.

    We're all a bit mystified about his reasons, but I'm sure he has them, and good ones they must be. Perhaps someone was getting ad hominem about him or maybe even bringing his family into it. Maybe something has happened to Princess Wife, or he's worried that the stress is going to affect her. Hell, I could probably take a lot of shtick about my views but if my family started to cop it, I think that would be the clincher.

    He can be fiery and peppery in his outbursts but food without pepper sure tastes bland.

    I do hope that we see him in some incarnation or other soon. As bad as not having him around is not being able to refer to his back catalogue of posts, which were the Go To place for advice on sandboxing and Old School style.

  5. As bad as not having him around is not being able to refer to his back catalogue of posts, which were the Go To place for advice on sandboxing and Old School style.

    Agreed. Honestly, that's pretty bad form. Of course, he's free to do whatever he wants with his own stuff. But pulling everything down is not the way to do it.

  6. The whole incident was sad.
    I wrote this about our 'community' on Tao of DnD any my blog on 20 Feb 2010 . . .

    One of the goals of the OSR is to GROW this hobby.
    That will require appealing to the youth (not just our own children).

    There are few things more repugnant to a teenager
    (I know, I game with them)
    then to see ‘old’ gamers
    (anybody over 30 in their eyes)
    maligning each other.

    It is one thing to critique another’s gaming philosophy or opinion, but it is destructive to our hobby to insult or name-call from the safety
    (distance and anonymity) of the internet.

    “They fight so hard, because the rewards are so small.”

    There is a big emotional disconnect in humans between being told

    ‘I don’t agree with you’ versus
    ‘You are a XXXX’

    The previous tact is especially acceptable if you site facts or examples.
    The latter approach is either an act of cowardice or an involuntary outburst of self-revulsion, although some might call it slander.

    The recruitment potential of ten good posts can be cancelled out by a single childish or petty rant.
    If we lose the youth, it will not be because of lack of intellect, insight or quality products,
    but incivility.

    “I have seen the enemy, it is us.”