Tuesday 30 March 2010

The Tuesday Tavern is Open!

The doors creak slowly on their hinges, the warmth of the fire touches the faces of the new visitors. It's time once again to welcome a new group of friends who have found their way through the wilderness.

Simon Acerton, Gabriel, Bard, Goblinkin, Trey, Amanda, Zanazaz,Dr Drucker and BlUsKrEEm, who is my 69th follower. I wonder who'll be number 70?

Sit ye down and enjoy all that Daddy G's place has to offer.

Here is Otto, my meat master, carving the loser of the Pig v Pig bout on Saturday Night Fight Club.

And here is Helga with your drinks.

And Simon, I don't want to worry you but on the list of followers, you're sitting next to Jim Raggi.


  1. Helga just convinced me to stay... :D

  2. Thanks for the warm welcome. :D

  3. Thanks. I appreciate the invite. Have a virtual ale on me.

  4. Hail, and well-met, Daddy G.!

    Poor Helga looks overworked.

  5. let me add, James and I ought to share a few drinks, both of us being Metalheads and Game Designers. I even listen to Finntroll ;)

  6. After finishing an ale I make a shameless plug...


    Helga is awesome!