Friday 28 May 2010

Art on Friday

A bit of a thin week for me post-wise; still, not to worry. Some solo dungeon stuff happening over the weekend, methinks and I'm rather chuffed that my paperback copy of Joe Abercrombie's Best Served Cold has arrived from Amazon. I have some birthday gift tokens left over so I shall probably order the HP Lovecraft Omnibus (3 volume set) from Waterstones this weekend as well.

But down to business. What art treasures have I found out on the net for you this week? Well, today's artist goes by the handle Gaius31duke - I know no more except that he is a resident of the UK. Never mind - I salute you, friend, when you can turn out brilliant stuff like this:

Did someone mention Ravenloft?

I need to write a dungeon for this...

And this...

I think I'm already writing one for this.

Who needs a film of the Hobbit when you've got images like this?

The inhabitants of Atlantis face some hard truths about climate change.

One pepperoni with anchovies for some guy named Raggi?

"It says ring the bell and ask for Aslan..."

Okay, I'm getting my books, my dice and my pens out right now...

Be sure to go and check out his website via the link above - there is so much cool stuff there that I was very spoilt for choice.