Saturday 22 May 2010

Solo Dungeon - the Cast List

Okay, you'll remember that I mentioned this project last week. I've now rolled up six characters on the Dragonsfoot 1e character generator, 3d6 method, three tries. No moving scores around, so no dump stats. The generator rolls up HP as well as starting money, but what I'll probably do is get them weapons and whatever armour they can wear and a fair amount of basic equipment, iron spikes, rope, torches, oil bombs etc. I figure that six characters would pool their resources to give themselves a fighting chance.

I rolled up the first five to get two fighters, a cleric, a thief and a magic user and then rolled up a sixth to see what extra character we could get. Surprise, a second cleric. That might come in handy.

I thought, for a bit more audience participation, if we get any kills and new characters are needed, if anyone wants to send in a 1st leveller that they've rolled up and we'll have them join the party. If I don't get any foolish vict...I mean brave volunteers, I'll roll some more up myself.

I'll be using my trusty D20 of Doom, the one that's sent so many monsters to their death in SNFC.

THAC0s are as follows

Sanathris: 20
Ralgaz: 20
Garamar: 20 (and 20 to hit AC1 as well)
Feebul: 21 (and 21 to hit AC1 as well)
Brother Algo: 20
Athgal: 20

Let's just roll up the Magic User's four starting spells from the list in the DMG, page 39 in case anyone was wondering.

D10 rolls are 4, 10 and 4. So that's Friends, Choose and the ever-useful Find Familiar. And Read Magic.

So that's our first choice of the dungeon, readers - what spell should Garamar choose from the Defensive Spell List? The choices are

Affect Normal Fires
Dancing Lights
Feather Fall
Hold Portal
Protection from Evil
Spider Climb

Let me know what you reckon he should pick and we'll go with that one. And while you're in voting mood, does anyone have any preference for weaponry for the party? I think two main weapons and a third smaller one for each character, apart from the MU, who'll have smaller stuff. All suggestions will be taken into account.

Next time, I'll be choosing the starting point for the dungeon from page 169 of the DMG and, with any luck, setting out on the quest for...whatever it is we're looking for. (must think of a snappier title)