Monday 24 May 2010

Miniatures Monday - Baruk Khazad! Khazad ai-Menu!

And we all know what that means. Today's figure will be recognised by long-term followers of the blog as that of Hruthnor Notchblade, dwarven fighter of renown, famous for his motto "First in the attack, last in the retreat, and get the hell off my mountain!"

Let's take a good look at this mini - check the horns out on the helmet. Andy's not gone for a single colour but instead has given them a tan shade at the base and darkening towards the tips. Very much as horns would be in real life. The helmet itself is a plain iron cap, shiny on the edges but dulled elsewhere. The hair and beard have a distinct red tinge to them but dry-brushing has give the impression that this is a dwarf with a good few years under his belt.

For a change, the face casting of this figure has given Andy the opportunity to put some real character into its features. Over his back, you can just see the crossbow, which Junion Grognard made so much a feature of Hruthnor's repertoire. The gloves are a vivid green, which is unusual - I'm not sure why Andy chose that. Perhaps he fancied an eye-catching contrast.

The boots again, much like the haversack on the knight last week have benefitted from a great paint treatment - they really look like worn leather, long-travelled, warm and dry. Those boots, you could imagine, might see you from the West Doors to the Dimrill Gate, not to mention outrunning a Balrog.


  1. Nice! I love your minis feature. Very inspiring since I started painting them again.

  2. The mini looks superb, im fascinated by this solo thing your putting together to, I want to use something similar for COC so I can play happily on my own.

    Any ideas on what to do? Ill happily give you my email to send some things.


  3. @bliss_infinite - glad you're enjoying the series. I'm coming to the end of the stuff I've got pictures for, but I may be taking some more soon and that may extend the series.

    @abhorsen950 - contact me via my e-mail (see my profile) and I'll try to get some scanned stuff sent to you. Can't say when it'll be - this week or next, probably. The tables are self-explanatory.