Monday 22 February 2010

Miniatures Monday - The Jolly Green Giant

I'm not sure if this guy was supposed to be a Hill Giant originally but Andy decided to give him a more back-to-nature look. I love the axe, which has that authentically primitive feel and whilst not dripping with gore, has the 'used' look. We can only guess at the havoc that this guy has wrought with it.

If you look carefully, you can see the detail on the bearskin he wears as a cape, and also the splashes of blood in the painted stone floor detail on the base. Again, Andy has eschewed the obvious bright red for something that seems far more realistic and actually looks like spilt blood.


  1. He's cool. Reminds me of the'bad giants', like bonecruncher and bloodbottler in the BFG

  2. Nice Giant!

    You aften find the older style castings have WAY more character than the stuff from a certain shop that employs chaps in blue polo shirts.....