Monday 15 February 2010

Miniatures Monday - Kick-ass Demon!

From the deepest pits of Stygian blackness, filled with a burning lust for havoc and chaos, keen to slake his thirst on the blood of men...

Yes, you'd better hope that you've got a seriously good cleric in your party when this guy comes into view. Just check that face out - does that expression say "Hi, my name's Balor and I'll be devouring you tonight" or what?

And here he is from behind - that's the view you'll get after he's whupped your ass!

I'd love to see what my brother Andy (this blog's resident artist) could do with the latest crop of Otherworld Miniatures...

Uh-oh....Otherworld Miniatures...must resist....must resist....


  1. No one who had an old Monster Manual can resist the lure of the Otherworld Miniatures. Gelatinous Cubes, Goblins and Gnolls call to me across the Atlantic, and I cannot resist...

  2. They are so very tempting, aren't they? My only concern is that they're 28mm and my current collection (from which the demon above comes) is predominantly 25mm old Citadel stuff. Oh, and the cost as well. Perhaps when my D&D publishing on Lulu takes off, I'll channel the proceeds to the lads at OM.

    By the way, when did you move? I could have sworn that when you first started following, you were UK-based but it seems that you are now in Canada - unless you're over there as a competitor in the Winter Olympics!

  3. Never moved, I've always lived here. I used to go to the UK to visit the grandparents a lot in the 80's and picked up quite a few of the AD&D Citadels and stuff back in the day. Have you seen the Hasslefree minis? They go well with the Citadels.

    When are you publishing on Lulu?

  4. Okay, must have been hallucinating. Never mind me, the new meds are working out just fine!

    I hope to have a publishable version of my Training Dungeon ready sometime this side of the summer and I'm working on a 1st draft of a 5th level dungeon module, Stones of Mithras.

    The next one, Spirit of the Crow is at the ideas stage. Think D&D meets 1970s pagan horror films.

    Myself and my good buddy Old 4 Eyes are forming a publishing company to put this and other stuff on Lulu - we've even bought a domain name for it. I've been told that it's the most cost-effective way of publishing, having more or less no production costs. I'll have to convert the layout to pdf and get some artwork done (or do it myself, yeah, that'll be good) and we'll have to see who's interested.

    Hopefully somebody!

  5. Well, best of luck to both of you on that endeavour. There is definitely a need more good stuff out there, especially for the kids. And DIY is a good way at keeping costs down, and totally punk rock to boot!

  6. Thanks for the best wishes. We're looking for feedback from others, so when we've got finished product, would you mind running your eyes over it for us?

  7. Otherworld Miniature are FANTASTIC - buy loads (I already have)

  8. I'll gladly take you up on that offer, Daddy Grognard!