Monday 1 February 2010

Miniatures Monday - the Minotaur

Here he is, front and rear shots. I kind of like this figure (although I wouldn't like to get caught by that mace) and he might make an appearance in SNFC, if I can just think of someone against whom to pit him.


  1. that's one mean mofo. how about a gorgon/medusa, just to keep with the mythical theme?

  2. @James - I'll check the stats but that might be a good suggestion.

  3. Another great figure - outclasses the current GW Minotaur by far.

    Minotaur vs Ogre Magi = My moneys on the ogre mage's cone of cold would turn Mr Minotaur into frozen beef on the hoof......B-)
    Stand up toe to toe hack I'd say would go the other way.....