Monday 8 February 2010

Miniatures Monday - The Ranger

Just got back from the Wilds, the Ranger is the second of our miniatures to grace the blogosphere. I can't remember where exactly he fits into the Citadel Miniatures range, but the figure lends itself to an individualisation by paint and this is just what's happened here.

My brother Andy, the painter of all the figures that you'll see in this series, has given our Ranger a weatherbeaten look, with the sense that this is a man who has been long in the wilderness. The greying hair, unshaven appearance and the slightly haunted look all speak of long days battling against the elements in places where civilisation is either tenuous or non-existent.

Note also the landscaping of the base - the figure was fixed to a penny to give it greater weight and stability and (if I remember rightly) a large granule of cat litter was used to simulate the stone. I'm sure that Andy will put me straight if that was not the case, but it was many years ago.

This figure is currently serving as Alurax, Junior Grognard's lead character in the Team Adventure sessions. Not to give the game away or anything but he is now known as Ettinslayer. I'll be posting about that at some point this week.