Tuesday 16 February 2010

What about this for a monster?

I know that some of you use minis. And some don't. However, just imagine the look on the players' faces when this arrives on the table...

This, my friends, is the Skeleton Ogre from Armalion - doncha just love it?


  1. Onward to battle!

  2. I love off standard undead. I use Zombie Ogres, Skeletal Giants...oh yes. They never expect that and when it happens its a beautiful thing. This mini has a lot of character, I love the expression. It looks like he's kind of saying "Haha! I gotcha!"

  3. These kinds of posts make me want to use minis!

  4. @Runokobold - I wish I'd had this one in my Training Dungeon. Following a very tough fight, the party managed to take down the ogre and thought they'd done pretty well.

    What they didn't realise was that an evil 5th level cleric was out and about, stealing bodies and turning them into zombies. Guess who he decided to bring back to unlife...