Sunday 6 December 2009

Albie Fiore

I only found out the other day about the death of Albie Fiore back in July. He died from complications connected with a lung tumour. I guess many of you probably knew already, but I wanted to add a few words of my own.

You can read an obituary from the Guardian here, and a more personal reflection from his wife Sue here.

Although he was an incredibly talented and versatile man, as can be seen from the obituaries, I guess that many gamers, like myself will remember him for his modules that first saw the light of day in White Dwarf way back when, and which, by virtue of their inventiveness, playability and sheer genius of vision, have sunk into our subconsciousness and become part of gaming history.

Anyone who enjoyed Halls of Tizun Thane and the Lichway will also remember Albie and I'm sure will join me in rolling a D20 in his memory.

It's sad to see that in recent years, so many of the seminal figures of the great game have died. We owe it to them to continue to play and to pass on the love of gaming that they inspired.


  1. Sad news indeed - I found out last night when trying to find the links you sent me ages ago

  2. I loved his artwork in the Fiend Folio. Sad news.