Monday 21 December 2009

Welcome, Tenkar and Imredave

Very glad to see you - just in time for Christmas! That's what I love about the blogosphere - snow doesn't stop us here. Sit ye down by the fireside and put your feet up.

I hope that you find this blog interesting enough to pop by from time to time. I'm hoping to keep up the posts over the festive season, while recuperating from an 'interesting' 2009 and prepping for another year of gaming with Junior Grognard.

Oh yes, and I got a comment on one of my posts today that was entirely in Japanese. No idea what it meant. Has this happened to anyone else?

1 comment:

  1. Wow, a Japanese comment! That has not happened to me, but perhaps babelfish could help? Choose the "translate a webpage option", select "from Japanese to English" and put the URL of the comment page in, and you will get a (not always perfectly accurate but often intertaining) translation back.