Wednesday 9 December 2009

The Training Dungeon - more, sorry, players

I had a great bit of news yesterday when my good buddy Old 4 Eyes let me know that he'd finally managed to persuade his medium-sized boy, formerly a devotee of video games and Pokemon (1gp in the swear box) to roll up some characters and give my Training Dungeon a try.

I'm delighted and a little nervous to see what they will make of it. New readers should check out my Training Dungeon adventure logs to catch up with Team Adventure's efforts to clear it out.

Old 4 Eyes is thinking of running it with Castles and Crusades or possibly Hackmaster. I guess that shows the adaptability of the dungeon, and I hope he makes a great success of it.

I've been in regular contact with him for about eight months now and he's seen the gestation and development of this project. Feedback from the adventure logs has enabled him to hone and adapt it for his players. I had always hoped that others would take it on and test it on their Junior Grognards. I'm very happy that he was the first.

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for that - it definitely Castles and Crusades - Hackmaster's something I like the look of but not got my grubby mitts on yet.......B-)

    Make that 1pp.......

    Pokemon - we hates it.....