Sunday, 27 December 2009

Welcome to Brutorz Bill

I'd like to take this opportunity to welcome my 25th follower, Brutorz Bill of Green Skeleton Gaming Guild fame. As Christmas itself is past, I can only offer the following treat for hungry newcomers:

It is (apparently) an Ultimate Leftover Turkey Sandwich. For the recipe, follow the link. Enjoy!

I hope to be able to visit more of your blogs in the following few days, and to post more as well. Hope everybody has had a good Christmas and you all got something Old School.


  1. Thanks for the sandwich I was getting hungry and my wife is busy playing Dragon Age! Looks like that sandwich is big enough for the both of us!
    Good Gaming!

  2. Mmmm... I've got a jar of Baconaise in my refrigerator...

  3. What happened to the Stilton?

  4. I received Dragon Warriors. Did you get anything good?

  5. @ancientvaults - I'm still enjoying it with a small glass of port each evening. The height of sophistication! Too good to put in sandwiches.

    @narmer - nothing OSR-related (although see below). However, the pleasure of seeing another DM running my Training Dungeon is good enough for me. Mummy Grognard got a set of Chessex Precision Ice Blue, which I hope she'll get the chance to use in 2010.

    A disc arrived just before Christmas from a good friend with pdfs of White Dwarf 1-100 - boy, am I enjoying reading those!

  6. I'll also take a bite of that sandwich :) I'm a newbie, both as a follower of this blog and to blogging in general.

    I really enjoy your Sat Night Fight Club posts... this is something that my friends and I used to do for fun sometimes. It would start as a bet usually, "How many orcs would it take to kill a chimera?" - 15-20 minutes later there would be money on the table and the dice would be flying!

  7. Welcome and thanks for stopping by, Rich - I'm always a little humbled when I get a new follower, but really pleased as well. I've reciprocated by becoming your first follower. Hope you get many more - your blog is well worth a look.