Friday 11 December 2009

Warm Winter Welcome

I'm very pleased to say that Bliss Infinite from the Warlock's Home Brew has become my eighteenth follower. A warm welcome to you and I hope that you find my humble blog as interesting as I have found yours these past few weeks.

I'm greatly enjoying reading your campaign logs - these really give a feeling that our great game is alive and well. I'm envious of you for two reasons - firstly you actually have a group, whereas I have Junior Grognard, who - bless him - is doing a man's job to keep eight characters under control - and you have the campaign sketchbook as well. Way cool! If I can work out how to scan JG's dungeon sketches to jpeg, I'll post those one day.

1 comment:

  1. Thank you for the warm welcome! I hope to see JG's dungeon sketches. Sounds like he'll be ready when you've got a full table of players.