Thursday 1 April 2010

Would this work?

Many years ago, I remember having read something in an old White Dwarf that I thought was a pretty neat way of avoiding permanent death. For years, I tried to remember the mechanics of it, without success until I obtained a disc full of old White Dwarf issues. And there it was, in WD60, in an article called Ars Arcana (not a bad series in its own right, by the way).

Trap the Soul

“This has great possibilities in connection with the Magic Jar spell. You just keep your real body in your home with a simulacrum (the only totally loyal servants) that holds a Trap The Soul gem with your name on it. You can then go adventuring in your Magic Jar body, using your own jar as the trigger item for the Trap the Soul spell. What this means is that if you (your body) die, and are forced into the jar, you have Trapped the Soul yourself, no matter how far away it is. When this happens, the gem glows, the simulacrum will see this and crush the gem, and you will safely enter your real body again. With this set-up, you need never fear death again (unless killed inside an anti-magic shell”

I thought to myself, would this work? And if not, why not? And if so, on!

Anyone got any thoughts on the matter?

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  1. Thought about this one for a while. It's 3 A.M.

    Here's what I came up with:

    Okay, so first you have to cast Simulacrum (plus the Reincarnation and Limited Wish spells to make it move and recall what it is to do when the gem glows).

    That sounds doable.

    Then we need a 18,000+ gp gem prepared by casting Enchant Item (we're talking days of preparation, never mind making at least 3 saving throws for enchantment by Maze, Magic Jar, Permanency [ the Magic Jar spell isn't Dispelled - oh, and lose 1 Constitution point in doing so... ] for the construction of a Trap the Soul Gem.

    It is possible.

    Next, kill your Magic Jarred self in a front of a mirror and next to the aforementioned gem to see if the spell works.


    But to do it all over again?

    Not bloody likely!

    Just Wish for Immortality.