Monday 5 April 2010

Miniatures Monday - the Stone Druid

Something a little unusual today. This figure came as a standard Citadel Miniatures cleric, although I reckon that it was a druid since the sickle can be seen hanging from his belt. However, Andy had decided to use the figure (which I don't think was ever needed, since I can't recall anyone playing a druid back in the day) as an experiment in stone painting technique. I reckon it worked out pretty well. It really gives the impression that the figure is made of stone, complete with weathering and a little chip taken out of it here and there, as can be seen on a fold of the robe.

I can see myself actually using this one as a dungeon ornament, hinting at worrisome females with snakey hair somewhere in the depths. In fact, the caption for this figure could well be

"Medusa? Ha, doesn't scare me, all shall fall 'neath the hammer of..."


  1. that really looks great, amazing job.

  2. Love the idea for Miniatures Monday. I may swipe that concept for my blog. Good stuff!