Tuesday 13 April 2010

D&D Top Trumps

Ever keen to introduce the young and innocent to the world of D&D, I hit upon this method last year, when prowling the dusty halls of Dragonsfoot. Junior Grognard, who will turn seven tomorrow, loves Top Trumps and when I saw this, this,thisand this, I thought "This is perfect! What a brilliant way to learn the way that monster stats work!" I just printed them off, cut them out and we were away. We started off using AC, HD and XP value. It very quickly gets them used to descending AC as well.

We actually play this version more than the official ones they sell. However, now we have started to use height and morale, the vampire is no longer king of the hill.

Print them off and give them a go!


  1. Interesting might have a try myself

  2. like abhorsen950 I think i might print them off for when I need a 'fix'