Monday 12 April 2010

Miniatures Monday - The Ogre

Meesa back! Firstly, apologies for the lack of SNFC this weekend. Mummy Grognard has an important assignment for her Health and Safety qualification and so she was on the computer the entire weekend (Friday night to Sunday evening). All being well, the postponed fixture should take place on the 17th.

And now to business.

I've no idea where it says that all humanoids are green. Perhaps it's to do with Shrek. It seems to have become an accepted fact; I mean, look at all the pictures of orcs these days - green to a man. The Monster Manual tells us that the skin colour of ogres is "dull blackish brown to dead yellow", their warts and lumps often being a different colour altogether. Mind you, the MM also uses the word 'hide' rather than 'skin' in that particular entry, so it's pretty evident that the ogre is to be regarded as more animal than person.

Be this as it may, let us pause to admire the sheer belligerence of this figure. Its slant-eyed countenance and leering, snarling mouth says to anyone who is still around to listen that it really, really wants to fight. Its hair is white (not sure why, but perhaps it runs in the family) and the top-knot bound up by hide of an unspecified nature completes its punky malevolence.

I like the huge notch taken out of its halberd (a veteran of a good few fights if the rust and/or blood on the blade is anything to go by). And if we let our glance drift downwards, past the knuckleduster, past the very impressive vambrace on its other arm, we come to the ripped trousers, which seem to be the colour of stone-washed denim. Hey, perhaps they are - this is one tough cookie, who - if he lived in the modern age - would probably be riding a Harley.

It's such a mean, malevolent figure that I tend to use it to stand in for anything that little bit bigger and that little bit meaner than orcs or goblins. He and a mate recently played the Bugbear brothers from the Training Dungeon as well as being an actual ogre later on in the same adventure.

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