Monday 19 April 2010

Miniatures Monday - Elric, is that you?

Not sure what it is about this figure that made me think of Elric. He's got long white hair but that sword isn't Stormbringer and the figure is just a bit too muscular and beefy to be the doomed Melnibonean prince. Still, its raised face and ghastly expression - as if he's calling out to some infernal deity - somehow makes the sickly green complexion and the white eyes with a tint of red all the more appropriate. The armour, which to me has a mediaeval authenticity, again benefits from Andy's excellent metal painting techniques with what appears to be dent damage around the shoulder guards.

In fact, with the foregoing in mind, I have just thought that this figure would make an excellent anti-paladin. I've never come across them but I suspect that if I did, this is what one would look like. A sort of Sith Lord of D&D.


  1. Sort of looks like he's looking up at his impending doom, sword lowered in resignation.

  2. Think I owned one of those. From memory is it early 1980's Citadel? I used to really enjoy buying figures back then. I wonder if the kids buying Warhammer armies get the same buzz from it these days.

  3. @Editor - yes, they're all Citadel, back from the days when figures really were something to enjoy buying. I remember getting very excited going through the old A5 blue cover Citadel catalogue from 1980, when I was a mere lad of 15. That was when they were based in Victoria Street, Newark. And let's not forget the Ral Partha ranges from the same era. Kids today, they don't know they're born!