Monday 26 April 2010

Miniatures Monday - The Three Goblin Stooges

Citadel Miniatures always designed to give the figures personality. That's what we've got today. I set the arrangement up randomly but to me, the central figure definitely says "Boss". His henchmen on either side are geared up for some action but he's doing the goblin equivalent of the Haka.

In my opinion, too little is made of that sort of thing - the psychological aspects of combat that would surely go on amongst humanoids. All too often, goblins, kobolds and even orcs are just regarded as excuses to get the swords wet, whereas they would probably have evolved rituals, gestures and insults to precede a fight and try to freak out their enemies. Most minor humanoids wouldn't know that in a very few minutes, they're going to be new entries on the fighter's kill list; as far as they're concerned, here are new enemies that need showing, in a typically goblin way, just what they've got themselves into.

I did have my doubts to begin with about the solid red for the eyes, but looking at it again, it occurred to me that when we take photos with flash, the eyes often look red anyway, and this shot might well represent cave dwellers snapped in a moment of illumination. Depending on how you reckon infravision works, it may well be that there are more blood vessels in the eyes of dark-dwellers and this may well increase the amount of redness when light falls on the back of the eye.

And speaking of dark-dwellers, next Monday, we welcome the return of something that just loves the darkness...