Sunday 18 April 2010

Where can I get...

...a D&D t-shirt that doesn't have an in-joke that only gamers will understand? I want one that just says D&D or something very similar. And doesn't make me look like a dork (I can do that just fine by myself). All part of my Reach out and Recruit strategy, raising our profile, etc.

Any ideas?

Many thanks.


  1. Funny you should mention that! I saw the very thing only today......

  2. Picture of some rpg-related dice with the following caption: "Who says the only day you should roll the dice is Election Day? D&D: The gamble that won't screw you" (good for any administration, really)

    Picture of a stereotypical "conan" or "red sonja" type standing over a monstrous corpse, with the following caption: "I came, I saw, I kicked a virtual monster's ass. D&D: It's a game about kicking ass."

    Picture of a group around the table cracking up about whatever, with the following caption: "D&D: Because playing computer games just isn't the same thing."

    (Alternately, the group is clearly arguing about something. Caption: "D&D: Because the computer can't yell back at you, and where's the fun in that?")

    The picture of a family around the table, clearly having a great time. Caption: "D&D: It hasn't been just a kid's game in a long, long time."

    Or, "D&D: Who says quality family time needs to consist of ice cream and a crappy, overpriced movie?"

    A group picture of a widely-dissimilar collection of people (think James Mal, A Paladin the Citadel, Raggi, Zak, and etc, and a wide age spread. Caption: "Which of these people play D&D? (All of them.)"

    Picture (or drawing) of a bunch of orc-type-monsters roughing up some athletic-looking guy. Caption: "If you played D&D you'd know how to handle these guys. Good luck, buddy."

  3. I've got one from jinx a couple of years ago of the old D&D logo and dragon from 1E monsters manual, but I just checked and they don't do it any more. You're right it is all in-jokes. They are funny, but don't really mean anything unless you play the game.

  4. That'll do, Biopunk, that'll do. Many thanks!

  5. Of the many D&D/rpg related T's I've seen, I suggest the following for you.

  6. None sorry best of look with the recruiting aims though.