Tuesday 13 April 2010

Toad in the Hole at the Tuesday Tavern

Yes, it's Tuesday and that can only mean one thing - I crank open the doors of the Tavern and welcome four more guests, Aaron Nuttall, Christian, Steven Ewing and Frost to the chaotic but friendly fireside table that is Daddy G's.

Today, because I'm based in the largest county in England (well, the eastern bit of it) although I'm not actually a Yorkshireman by birth, I thought I'd rustle up a variation on the theme of Yorkshire Pudding - Toad in the Hole. As any English gastronome knows, it's all about the sausages.

And you will of course want something to wash it down with...

Helga! Holen Sie Bier für die neuen Gäste!



  1. Thanks for posting on my blog. And, for making my mouth water. I too live in a sausage-rich area, although our beer is not nearly up to snuff. When you wrote "transvestite octopus" my coffee was sent flying. My mind immediately went to the show "Sigmund and the Sea Monsters" It was a terrible show on when I was a kid, and has scarred me for life. LOL

  2. This has been my first chance to sample (with my MIND) a dish that I've only known by its delightful name. Many thanks!

  3. Aaron - here's a recipe I found for you - give it a go!


    And remember - it's all about the sausages!

  4. Quality toad in the hole your a proper englishman ;) aha thanks for the mention I believed it was time for me to follow one of your blogs as youve helped me so much.

    Best of luck and regards