Monday 8 March 2010

Miniatures Monday - The Drow Sorcerer

Today, we are graced with the presence of one of Lolth's followers. Marketed originally as 'Dark Elves' (no mention of Drow, I seem to remember) Andy's gone for the traditional black skin and white hair (in later figures from this selection, the hair has an ice-blue tinge to it - it kind of adds to their sinister other-worldliness). The robes are in lush, almost decadent shades of purple and red, with ornate gold trim that speaks of sybaritic practices in temples deep beneath the earth.

Again, the stonework floor pattern can be seen on the base; long-time followers of the games accessories market will remember the dungeon floor plans that had a design very similar to this.

There are a couple more Drow figures waiting in the wings for their appearance - I'll see what comes out of the box next week...


  1. Hey, I have this same figure and painted him in very much the same colour scheme. One of my current PCs is represented by this one. Cool fig!

  2. Time to start writing Drow sorcerers into the new campaign. Bwa ha ha ha ha! :-)

  3. Nice paint job! I still hate drow though.

  4. @Mike - I've only had to face them once, when I did part of the D modules. Back then (longer ago than I care to mention) they were new and sinister and Salvatore had not got hold of them. Now, they're so well-known and done to death that they've lost that threatening and scary feeling. Back then, it was "OMG, what the hell are they?" Now, it's "Drow? Meh."

    I must have another look at them, strip them back to basics and rebuild so that they are a lot more frightening and evil than they are now. Imagine what they would be like if HP Lovecraft rather than Salvatore had written books about them...